All of the work to provide and maintain the DakAL is done by volunteers of the non-profit corporation, Trail Stewards.  We work to protect existing trails and to build new ones.  It takes some money to make all of this happen.  Everyone that rides the DakAL is passionate about our sport. 

You can obtain the tracks by following the instructions on the ROUTE page and making a $58 donation.

You can also support out efforts with a larger donation.  We encourage each rider of the DakAL to make a tax-deductible contribution of $100 or $200 to aid in preserving the passion we all enjoy. 

You can donate right here, right now!  Thanks you for your support. 

Maps & Nav:

A GPS device is strongly recommended. If using a phone app for navigation, OnX Offraod is recommended. Navigation via maps only will be difficult and will greatly increase the time to complete each day's ride. There is no single map that can show the entire route.  The maps listed below will help greatly if you plan to travel with or without a GPS.  The links below are often changed by the supplier, so may not always work properly.  If you search for what you are looking for you will be able to find the source on your own. 

The maps listed below are all free and you can then mark the maps to show the route.  There are a few short sections for which no usable map exsists.  You will have to use your noggin for these areas.  The SAICON offers a service for $100 to source and mark the paper maps for you.  For the areas that do not have maps, the route is handrawn and is not totally accurate. Payment is via PayPal or check.   Contact Bill Hearne at if you wish to use this option.  Again, you can do this yourself for free. 

Maps needed and source:

All of these suggested maps are free, in printed form, and are highly recommended:

  1. Source: Black Hills National Forest office, (605) 673-9200, Custer, SD.  Maps needed: MVUM for both Bearlodge/Northern Hills & Mystic/Hell Canyon Districts.
  2. Source: Custer National Forest, (605) 797-4432, Camp Crook, SD.  Map needed:  MVUM for Sioux Ranger District (South Dakota)
  3. Source: Buffalo Gap National Grassland, Fall River Station, 605-745-4107, Hot Springs, SD.  Map needed: MVUM of Fall River Ranger District
  4. Source: Custer State Park, 605-394-2693, Custer State Park. Map needed: Your Guide to Custer State Park.
  5. Source: SD Deaprtment of Tourism, (605) 773-5034, Pierre, SD.  Map needed:  SD Hiway Map. 

Maps for purchase:
Black Hills National Forest- waterproof map (2014) - $13  This map has not been update in over 10 years. 
Delorme Atlas & Gazetteer- South Dakota ($19.95)

Permits & Passes
Bikes will be required to have a Black Hills National Forest Trail Permit.(cost is $25) You may get them in a variety of ways:
1.  Trail permits may be ordered on-line at :  If you order on-line expect delivery to be about 10 days.
2.  Permits may be purchased at any of the regional offices.  Office locations and hours are available at: 
3.  Trail permits are now available at some retail outlets.  Most of the motorcycle shops have the permits available.  Some C-stores and other locations also have them.  Listing of permit vendors : 

A Custer State Park permit is required. Cost is $20 for seven days or $36 for an annual permit and can be obtained at entrance points to Custer State Park. This permit will also allow access to Bear Butte State park outside Sturgis.  Additional information available at:

Tread Lightly

Be part of the solution!  We have plenty of bird brains who think it is cool to tear up trails and ride in wet conditions.  Don't be a bird brain!  Adhere to Tread Lightly principles.

Quickly review the tenets of responsible riding before you go. 

Just click here:  Dirt Biking - Tread Lightly

Supporting Dealers
Black Hills Powersports, Rapid City - Kawasaki, Yamaha, Royal Enfield - (605) 342-5500
Spearfish Canyon Motorsports, Spearfish - Honda, Yamaha, Gas Gas – (605) 642-7731
Rice's  Rushmore Motorsports, Rapid City - Honda, KTM, Suzuki - (605) 342-2242 
Other Dealers:
Black Hills Harley-Davidson- Rapid City – Harley- (800) 727-2482

Rosco's - Beta, Sherco, TM, Rokon, Oset, UBCO - (605) 348-3946

Emergency contacts:
Fall River: 911, Sheriff (605) 745-5155
Custer County: 911
Pennington Co: 911
Lawrence County: 911
Butte County: 911, Sheriff, Dispatch, Belle Fourche, SD (605) 892-2737/(605) 892-3324
Harding County: 911, Sheriff (605) 375-3414 
Edgemont Clinic- (605) 662-7250
Custer Hospital:  (605) 673-2229
Rapid City Regional Hospital: :(605) 644-4000, 353 Fairmont Blvd, Rapid City
Spearfish Hospital: :(605) 644-4000 , 1440 N Main St, Spearfish
Hot Springs Hospital:  1201 S Dakota 71, Hot Springs, (605) 745-3159
Belle Fourche Clinic: 2200 13th Avenue, Belle Fourche, (605) 723-8970
Buffalo Medical Clinic:  209 Ramsland Street, Buffalo,  (605) 375-3744


​Please support these businesses and organizations:

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