Click the Button to download the GPS tracks.

Some folks have trouble downloading the tracks.  I wish it could be easier but this is the best the technology will allow.  In most cases, the file will download to your Downloads folder.  Just save the file.  If you open it, you will get a spreadsheet view that won't do you any good.  Once you have the .gpx file on your computer, I suggest you save it a folder dedicated to all of your gps tracks. 

Now make sure you have the free Bascamp program from Garmin loaded on your computer.  Open Basecamp and import the .gpx file into Basecamp to see the route.  You can then send the route to your GPS device.  Hope this helps.

Enjoy the adventure and be safe.

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The file will show as a .zip file.  You will have to Extract the .zip file and then download it to become a .gpx file.

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