The DakAL is a 900 mile motorcycle adventure loop through western South Dakota. The loop ride concept provides no backtracking of previously ridden terrain and you eventually end just where you started.

Convenient starting/ending points are: Edgemont, Hot Springs, Hill City, Custer, Savoy, Belle Fourche, Buffalo and Sturgis. This route provides an immense diversity of riding surfaces and visual delights.

The entire ride can is generally completed in 4-5 days.  You can also break the route into two trips of shorter duration;:  2 days for the southern loop and 3 days for the northern loop.  

The inaugural ride with 21 riders from around the country was completed on July 12, 2013. The DakAL received rave reviews from all riders and left them wanting more.

The Dakota Adventure Loop is made possible by the support of the Trail Stewards, a non-profit corporstion. All work is done by volunteers and no one receives any compensation for work provided. These tracks are available by accepting the General Disclaimer& Limitation of Liability Release and making a contribution the Trail Stewards. Contributions are welcomed and needed to continue this project.  All contributions may be sent to: Trail Stewards, 422 Aviation Place, Spearfish, SD 57783  or just click HERE

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Dakota Adventure Loop